Documentary DP Matt Sullivan

Back filming in the United Arab Emirates

I have always loved that my work can take me anywhere in the world. As an avid history enthusiast I jumped at the chance when asked to be Director Of Photography on a historical documentary drama for Sharjah Tv based in Dubai. The documentary explores the settlement of the archaeological area know as Mleiha, which is based in Sharjah outside of Dubai.

Director Of Photography historical re creation

we wanted to bring a cinematic quality to the documentary by filming historical re enactments. Choosing to film during the blue hour (1hr before sunrise) gave us the opportunity to capture beautiful silhouettes of our neanderthal men against the horizon. Nature can provide you with stunning light if you take the time in pre production to pick an appropriate location at the right time. Filmed on the Sony FS7 in 4K S-log3 

We filmed interviews in many locations and met a variety of people, including traditional nomadic families. This setup was a standard 2 camera shoot, Sony FS7 and Sony A7S II. The LED panel light was added as an eye light, I had a natural soft key coming in right of frame through a glass sliding door. We sat and drank hot tea with goats milk with this family afterwards. I was invited to come and stay any time I wanted, such great people. 

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