Documentary DP Matt Sullivan

Filming with Katie Taylor for CNN

Click here to view CNN Package

CNN feature package with Katie Taylor.

I have covered Katie Taylor stories many times over the years when working for national news networks, It’s always a pleasure. Recently  I got a rare opportunity to spend a full weekend with her and her family when CNN approached me to film a feature package about her career and home life. You can watch the final piece in the link provided above. It was a minimal crew and a hectic weekend schedule.

 Dinner scenes with Katie & friends. This was a 3 camera setup, the Sony A6300 with external recorder was used as a stationary establishing shot. 2 X FS7 cameras picked off coverage of the conversation around the dinner table. Our lighting solution was to rig a Falcon Eyes light mat above the table with a pancake diffusion for even light distribution around the table. This was a small team with a hectic schedule, being able to move fast and efficiently in jobs like this keeps the producer/director happy.

I’m one of few people who have entered a ring with Katie Taylor and emerged unscathed. Cross shooting the interview on 2 x FS7 cameras. A Sony A6300 camera with external recorder was again used for the establishing wide. The Lighting package was minimal as we had only 2 days to film numerous interviews and locations.  1X1 Led Lite panels with soft boxes were used to cross key the contributors. 

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